flourishing: the blog

Welcome, reader. And thanks for stopping by.  

Flourishing is a project that I have been thinking about for some time.  It was born out of frustration with a somewhat unfulfilling job and a wish to do something creative in my free time. 

Lately I have been writing more, as well as pursuing an interest in philosophy through reading, watching lectures online (this is a great introduction) and listening to podcasts (Stephen West you da best). Rather than start yet another notebook to jot down my learnings and thoughts, I thought I'd try writing online instead. I also wanted to have somewhere to store the billions of photographs I take every month. 

So I thought I'd combine it all. Hopefully, into a space that feels welcoming, inspiring, the kind of blog you'd like to settle down with on a Sunday morning and read while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

I don't yet know how this blog will develop - maybe it will become more like a weekly diary, documenting the things I have been absorbing, whether thats books, podcasts, blogs etc., or maybe it will become more theoretical as I delve deeper into the world of Philosophy -  but I hope its a place that you want to come back to time and time again.